If you are involved in a legal dispute, court proceedings are not always your only choice when it comes to reaching a resolution.

Mediation can allow both parties to come together, work with an unbiased mediator, and determine if a negotiation can be made.

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What Is Mediation?

The Process

Mediation is a confidential process in which the parties explore settlement with the assistance of an independent party who facilitates the settlement discussions. Most civil disputes proceed to mediation.

Sometimes proceeding to mediation is a requirement before initiating litigation, and most judges will order their cases to mediation.

Our Mediation Experience

Hoge Law Firm has handled hundreds of mediations for its clients. There are many considerations how to approach mediation including choosing the right mediator, understanding the mediator’s process, strategizing the client’s position at mediation, and effectively negotiating during the mediation. The firm’s experience in mediation positions its clients for favorable resolutions of their civil disputes.

Why should I consider mediation over court hearings?

Five Benefits of Mediation


It is less expensive to resolve legal issues in mediation rather than going to court because ongoing litigation can increase your attorney fees and court costs. A lawyer can determine if mediation can allow clients to obtain a fair resolution while keeping legal costs as low as possible.

Quicker Resolution

Mediation sessions can be scheduled in a matter of days or weeks, and participants can be involved in choosing the time and place here in San Diego. On the other hand, court backlogs and delays often result in cases being scheduled months or even years later, and the legal parties have no say in the court date or location.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Mediation only involves the parties involved in the lawsuit; there are no spectators, jurors, or court staff. In addition, the session is completely confidential, and the mediator is not able to act as a witness if litigation moves forward. If resolving the issue privately is a priority, mediation may be a good option.

Participation in the Resolution

When a case goes to court, an impartial third party listens to all the facts and evidence presented for the case and makes the final decision on a resolution. When both parties agree to mediate, they can work with their attorney to negotiate a settlement through a mediator to resolve the issue.

Preserve Business Relationships

When both parties feel as though they negotiated an agreement that offers fair and equitable terms, they can continue to have a good or cordial business relationship. In addition, because the case is resolved quickly and out of court, you can avoid prolonging the lawsuit and any bad feelings associated with it.

“It is less expensive to resolve legal issues in mediation rather than going to court because ongoing litigation can increase your attorney fees and court costs.”

Contact an Attorney
for Help with Your Case

Charlie Hoge has been a practicing attorney for 35 years, handling business litigation, employment law, and real estate cases. Throughout his career, he has received a number of awards and recognitions from media publications and professional legal associations.

Among his many accolades, he was named one of San Diego Magazine’s Top Lawyers in 2018, and has received the highest possible AV rating by Martindale Hubbell for professionalism and ethics. If you want to resolve your legal issue quickly and affordably, attorney Charlie Hoge can help make it happen.

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Types of Legal Matters That Can Be Resolved Through Mediation

Employment Law

Employment law cases can involve discrimination, wage and payment disputes, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. To prevent these lawsuits from going to court, we may recommend mediation sessions to see if we can come to a fair and reasonable agreement.

Business Disputes

Business lawsuits often involve contracts, partnership status, operating agreements, financial rights, fraud, and misleading business claims. It may be possible to mediate the situation by attending one or more sessions with a neutral third party who can help both sides come to an agreement.

Real Estate Cases

San Diego real estate lawsuits tend to involve problems with property lines, titles, ownership, breach of sale, concealing the condition of the property, HOAs, and leasing agreements. Resolving these cases quickly with a mediator is the best way to keep your legal costs down.

“Mediation sessions can be scheduled in a matter of days or weeks, and participants can be involved in choosing the time and place here in San Diego.”

What Sets Charlie Hoge Apart?

Charlie Hoge has been practicing law in San Diego for more than three decades. He began his career at a large regional firm practicing commercial litigation. He went on to join the San Diego firm Post Kirby Noonan & Sweat, which was renamed Kirby Noonan Lance & Hoge LLP, in 2005. He practiced there for 28 years before opening Hoge Law Firm in La Jolla, serving clients from throughout San Diego.

With Charlie Hoge
you have a lawyer who:

Advises when Mediation Is Ideal

Charlie can assess the situation and advise when a case can benefit from mediation. He understands the dynamics of when mediation is appropriate and how to approach a mediation if the parties choose proceed.


Every case has its own rhythm, with different personalities and styles of negotiation. It is important to be able to adjust your tone and mediate based on the type of personality you are working with.

Understands Your Unique Needs

When clients work with Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, they can expect individualized, considerate recommendations regarding how to proceed with their case. Your lawyer is committed to providing practical and cost-effective solutions.

Handles the Job:
Start to End

Charlie Hoge is a lawyer who handles your case himself and doesn't delegate unless the case requires it. This approach enables him to be closer to the case and represent you during every stage of the process. He will handle the case from start to finish.

Is Efficient
and Cost-effective

You want a lawyer that will recommend the best course of action to reduce your lawyer fees and overall costs. We can start with more conservative litigation options, like working with a mediator, to save you the expense and time of an ongoing lawsuit.

Hoge Law Firm

Attorney Charlie Hoge is active and has been associated with a number of professional legal organizations, including:

  • Member, San Diego County Bar Association
  • Member, American Bar Association
  • Member, Association of Business Trial Lawyers of San Diego
  • Member, San Diego Chapter of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms 
  • Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America, Trial Lawyer Honorary Society

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