An Experienced Real Estate Attorney Can Help Protect Your Property and Interests

Real estate transactions involve many different parties and investments. With over 30 years of experience, Charlie Hoge is a skilled real estate attorney in San Diego, CA, who can assist you with disputes regarding boundaries, title, sales, ownership, and more. 

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Types of Real Estate Litigation

Charlie Hoge has extensive experience with a wide range of real estate litigation cases. 

Boundary and Property Lines

Disputes surrounding real estate boundary lines can arise due to location of structures, maintenance responsibility, legal liability, and more. 

Common Causes of Boundary Disputes

Legal real estate issues such as boundary disputes can arise when there are disagreements regarding the placement of a fence, wall, driveway, or landscaping and other issues. Property or real estate deeds can often be incomplete or unclear, which can create fertile grounds for legal contention in the future. Some factors that can cause boundary disputes include:

Unclear Boundary Descriptions 

The definition of boundary lines can become complicated in both suburban and rural settings. Disputes can arise because the landscape itself might change, and features that formerly acted as a demarcation have altered or disappeared, or surrounding properties have evolved leading to an unclear understanding of the true legal boundary.


Ownership disputes arise in many circumstances among tenants in common, joint tenants, partners and LLC members. These contentions may arise from disagreements such as maintenance or a disagreement regarding the decision to rent or sell the property.

Sale and Specific Performance

Sale disputes can occur at any point during or following the purchase process. A breach of a sale agreement by either the buyer or seller may end up in court or arbitration.

Sellers of residential and commercial property may be liable for misrepresentation or concealment of conditions of the property. Some property agreements can be enforced in court by a process called specific performance. 

Homeowner's Association Disputes

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) disputes are not uncommon, and while most HOAs have established processes to handle such disagreements, in some cases, legal action may be necessary. Disputes may arise over property maintenance, renovations, occupancy, and other issues.


Disputes between tenants and landlords are common and may require legal action to be resolved. Disputes can arise over maintenance responsibility, occupancy, utility use, and more.

Importance of Legal Assistance

If you are involved in any real estate litigation, it is essential that you work with a skilled lawyer who has extensive experience in this area. Charlie Hoge is a highly successful litigator with years of experience representing real estate brokers, businesses, and individuals. He can thoroughly review your case and explain the potential legal ramifications and abuse on strategy.

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