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You pay your insurance premiums each month in return for protection in the event of unexpected losses.

But what happens when your insurance company fails to uphold its part of the bargain when your losses qualify for coverage?

Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, CA, can connect you with a bad faith insurance attorney who can collect what you are rightfully owed. It all starts with a free consultation. 

You Likely Have Two Years to File a Lawsuit

Was your insurance claim unjustly denied, delayed, or undervalued? Don't let evidence become harder to gather, and don't let your losses resulting from an act of bad faith become worse. The sooner you connect with a bad faith insurance lawyer through our San Diego law firm, the better the chances of collecting what the insurance company owes you.

When the Promise of Protection Is Broken Hoge Law Firm In San Diego Is Ready to Stand With You

Although insurance providers spend millions cultivating a public image of compassion and investment in your livelihood, they are ultimately a business with a bottom line to maintain. The more they pay out for losses, the less they profit. Many denials are justified under the insurance policy; others are not. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly difficult to prove an act of bad faith occurred without an advanced knowledge of the laws pertaining to bad faith insurance.

Our San Diego attorney's office has been helping victims of bad faith insurance triumph over illegal and unethical business practices for more than 30 years. We can place you in touch with an attorney who can identify acts of bad faith and negotiate a settlement that honors the losses specified in your claim, as well as the losses you suffered due to the unjust denial or underpayment. If a settlement cannot be reached, they can take your case to court.

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Why Clients Choose Hoge Law Firm

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We Have Collected Millions for Victims

Law firms that don't succeed on behalf of clients don't establish legacies spanning more than 30 years—especially not in San Diego. Hoge Law Firm has collected millions for clients, and we are prepared to connect you with legal counsel capable of protecting your best interests.


Everyone Can Afford Our Services

The process begins with a free consultation. If your attorney takes your case, you won't owe them a dime unless they win. Therefore, if your attorney decides to represent you, it's because they are confident that they can collect what you are owed.

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Direct Contact With a Lawyer

Large law firms are notorious for letting paralegals and others who do not actually practice law handle all interaction with clients. When you reach out to our boutique law firm, you will be placed in direct contact with an attorney so your case gets the attention and effort it deserves.

The sooner you connect with a bad faith insurance lawyer through our San Diego law office, the better the chances of collecting what the insurance company owes you.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance

Bad faith insurance claims can be based on many different types of actions on the part of an insurance provider, including:

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Deceptive Practices

Your insurance provider has a duty to act in good faith by being truthful about the provisions in your policy and the investigation of your claim. If it can be proven that your insurance provider was intentionally dishonest about what your policy provides or the facts relating to your claim, you may be entitled to compensation. Our San Diego firm can connect you with an attorney capable of proving that deception resulted in your losses.

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Delayed or Inadequate Claim Investigation

In most cases, California requires an insurance company to settle claims in 85 days: they have 15 days to respond, followed by 40 days to reach a decision; if the claim is approved, the insurer has 30 days to issue payment. Delaying a decision can cause the policyholder undue hardships, and can be considered grounds for a bad faith insurance claim. You may also have grounds for a lawsuit if it can be proven that the insurer failed to conduct an adequate investigation of your claim.

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Denying a Claim Without Reason

A denial can be an act of good faith, but your insurer owes you an explanation. Failing to uphold this obligation can be considered an act of bad faith.

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If an insurer pays you less than your claim is worth, you may have grounds for legal action. Your bad faith insurance lawyer can coordinate a counter-investigation to substantiate the true extent of your losses, and the percentage of those losses that your insurance company is responsible for covering. The sooner you reach out to our San Diego firm to connect with a lawyer, the sooner this work can begin.

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Changing a Policy Without Notifying the Insured

You have a right to know when changes occur in your insurance policy. If you were never notified of changes to any aspect of your policy, including the amount of coverage to which you are entitled or the deductible you must pay, this can be considered a case of bad faith insurance.

Damages That Can Be Awarded Through a Bad Faith Claim


The Amount of the Denied Claim, Plus Interest

Also known as contract damages, this restitution represents what the policyholder should have received through their claim. You can also be awarded interest payments according to the number of years the payout was delayed. 


Economic Losses, Pain and Suffering, and Attorney's Fees

Extracontractual damages refer to losses the policyholder suffered as a result of the act of bad faith insurance. For example, if your home became uninhabitable because of structural damage your insurer should have covered, you could be compensated for nights spent in a hotel, as well as interest you paid by putting the repair costs on your credit card. You could also be compensated for emotional distress related to the act of bad faith, as well as your attorney's fees.


Punitive Damages

If it can be proven that the insurance company's actions were "malicious, fraudulent, or oppressive," California authorizes the courts to award punitive damages. It is much more difficult to justify awarding punitive damages than contractual or extracontractual damages in a bad faith claim. If your attorney believes punitive damages are warranted in your case, you can expect that they will be putting forth the effort to gather and present the clear and convincing evidence required by the courts. 

Hoge Law Firm in San Diego is ready to place you in touch with an attorney who can hold your insurance company responsible for acts of bad faith.
California requires that in most cases, an insurance company must settle a claim within 85 days of filing. 

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