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Consumer fraud is a crime as old as commerce itself. Although there are state and federal consumer protections in place, deception in the name of profit is an ever-present danger in our economy.

On the other hand, unfounded claims of deceptive practices can be devastating to businesses. No matter which side of the dispute you have found yourself on, you need a legal advocate who can protect your best interests. 

Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, CA, is ready to connect you with a lawyer who can help you navigate legal matters involving fraud.

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In most cases, California grants three years from the date of a deceptive or fraudulent act to file a claim. Your best chance of achieving justice is to consult a consumer fraud attorney as soon as possible. Over the last 30+ years, Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, California, has helped clients collect millions in restitution. 

If your business is facing charges of fraud, the mere accusation of running afoul of consumer protections can be enough to tarnish your reputation and jeopardize the future of your business. You have everything to gain by involving a business attorney in the matter as soon as possible to help make the truth prevail and avoid your business suffering undue setbacks.

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Why San Diego Turns to Hoge Law Firm

A Legacy of 30+ Years in Law

Charlie Hoge is a leader in business litigation who has served individuals and businesses alike as an attorney and a judge. He understands both sides of these disputes and is uniquely qualified to place you in touch with an attorney who shares this insight.

Personalized Attention

Hoge Law Firm is a boutique practice that can spare you the frustration of being passed off to paralegals and others who do not actually practice law. When you reach out to us, we will connect you with a lawyer who is ready to analyze the facts of your case

We Care About Your Case As Much as You Do

The attorneys trusted by Hoge Law Firm place assets like their time, money, and reputations at risk when they take a consumer fraud case. You can trust that your lawyer is vying for the best possible outcome on your behalf—and their own.

Your very best chance of achieving justice is to consult a consumer fraud attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Fraud

Fraud can take virtually any form, and thanks to the Internet there are more opportunities to commit this crime than ever before. Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, California, can connect you with an attorney who has handled cases involving virtually any kind of fraud, including:
Person handing another person money

Ponzi Schemes

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment opportunity in which early investors are paid using money provided by later investors, making it appear that significant profits are being made. New investors are promised big returns involving minimal risk. In many cases, scammers say the profits result from a legitimate business, or they exaggerate the profitability of a real business. These are also known as "endless chain" scams, and they are illegal under CA Penal Code Section 327. Our San Diego firm works with attorneys who have collected millions for victims of Ponzi schemes.

Business man crossing his fingers behind his back while shaking hands

Misleading Promises or Guarantees

When a business persuades a consumer to purchase their service or product based on a promise, the consumer has a right to expect that the business will deliver. Unfortunately, when that promise is broken, it results in a one-sided transaction that can cost the consumer significant time and money. Hoge Law Firm works with attorneys who have waged successful claims against institutions, such as schools that have promised students gainful employment upon graduation but ultimately failed to make good on this guarantee.


False Advertising

Similar to a misleading guarantee, false advertising involves marketing that makes misleading or untrue statements about their products or services. For example, the manufacturers of the dietary supplement Airborne lost a $23 million class action lawsuit in 2016 over claims that their product could "ward off" germs and boost the immune system, even though there was no scientific research to support that claim. If you believe that you have fallen victim to false advertising, Hoge Law Firm can connect you with a lawyer who can assess the facts and take the appropriate next steps.

Class Action  Strength in Numbers Against Consumer Fraud

In many consumer fraud cases, multiple consumers have fallen victim to the same fraudulent or deceptive tactic. In these cases, the victims can band together with the help of a single attorney or firm to file a collective claim called a class action lawsuit. Class action not only creates a compelling case due to the sheer number of plaintiffs, each with their own evidence of injury, but also minimizes legal fees for all plaintiffs involved. 

During your legal consultation, a consumer fraud attorney can analyze the facts of your case, explain your options under California law, and determine if this approach is right for you.

Hoge Law Firm

We Defend Clients Facing Consumer Fraud Charges

Being charged with violating consumer protection statutes with deceptive practices can carry harsh consequences. Since this can be both a criminal and civil matter under the law, it can also involve lengthy litigation. Meanwhile, the publicity can be harmful, and rulings in the plaintiff's favor can put an end to your business altogether.

There is considerable bias at play as well. We are all consumers who share a common fear of being cheated out of our hard-earned money, and an accusation of consumer fraud can result in prejudice among a jury.

But when you reach out to our San Diego attorney's office, the truth can be made abundantly clear. Investment opportunities that fail to pay big dividends aren't necessarily Ponzi schemes, and misconstrued marketing claims are not necessarily the result of an intent to deceive. 

Although we are all consumers, many of us are also people who have encountered obstacles such as miscommunication and our own honest mistakes in the course of trying to earn a living and achieve success. Hoge Law Firm can place you in touch with a lawyer capable of portraying you as something much more than the accusations you face so that your side of the story is heard and understood.

Charlie Hoge is a leader in business litigation who has served individuals and businesses alike as an attorney and a judge. He understands both sides of these disputes and is uniquely qualified to place you in touch with an attorney who shares this insight.

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