An Intellectual Property Lawyer Can Help Protect Your Rights

Charlie Hoge has over 30 years of experience as an intellectual property lawyer in San Diego, CA, and is skilled in handling complex litigation for these cases, including trademark and copyright infringement. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer in any intellectual property case, especially if it involves a competitor who is profiting from your work. 

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What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property can be an idea, concept, or plan that may include manuscripts, artistic work, inventions, symbols, designs, and more. These creative works can be protected through trademarks and copyrights. If your intellectual property is stolen, you can take legal action against the responsible parties, especially if that person or business is profiting from your work.

Intellectual property is commonly stolen from professionals for use by businesses without permission. Even if your work is not protected by a copyright or trademark, you may still have a case. Through legal action, you may be able to obtain an injunction to prevent the use of your intellectual property and have it removed from the market. You may also be entitled to compensation for your losses, profits made from the infringement, attorney’s fees, and, in some cases, punitive damages. Trademark and copyright infringement may also violate criminal law.

Types of Intellectual Property Cases

With over 30 years of proven legal experience, Charlie Hoge can handle a wide variety of intellectual property cases.


The term trademark can encompass several different methods of differentiating a brand or particular product, including slogans, logos, phrases, or symbols. Laws are in place to protect registered trademarks.


Copyright infringement can affect professionals, small businesses, and corporations. Intellectual property is protected by laws which make it illegal for anyone other than the author or intellectual property owner to reproduce, display, or otherwise use the work.

Proprietary Know-How

Proprietary know-how includes confidential information such trade secrets, formulas, code, concepts, technical information, etc., that gives one company a competitive edge over another. This knowledge is legally protected against misuse. Companies and professionals who have suffered losses because of misused intellectual and proprietary knowledge can seek compensation.

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