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LLCs and partnerships are like marriages. In many cases, they can reach a point at which business partners are better off separating.

As with a marriage, the dissolution of these entities is often a complex legal matter that requires a lawyer who can protect your best interests.

Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, CA, can help you resolve LLC and partnership disputes so you can move forward and succeed.


Don’t Wait to Involve Hoge Law Firm In Your Partnership or LLC Dispute

Partnership disputes based on specific actions (such as a breach of partnership agreement) are civil matters that are often subject to a statute of limitations. In other words, there may be limited time in which to file a lawsuit. This amount of time depends on many factors, including whether the dispute involves a verbal or written agreement, and the nature of the LLC or partnership dispute (such as a breach of fiduciary duty). An experienced attorney can help you understand exactly how much time you have to file suit, and determine whether your dispute would be best resolved in traditional litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

Charlie Hoge is a partnership dispute lawyer who has helped partnerships, LLCs, and corporations resolve disputes of many kinds for more than 30 years. Whether you want to file suit, or expect a suit will be filed against you, Mr. Hoge can connect you with a lawyer capable of protecting your best interests. When you reach out to Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, you will be placed in contact with a lawyer, not a paralegal or other person who doesn’t practice law. Don’t wait any longer to put an advocate to work on your case. Write to us or call: 

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LLC Disputes

Has your LLC (limited liability company) experienced a breach of an Operating agreement, a breach of fiduciary duty, or a simple falling out? You may want to leave your limited liability company (LLC), or part ways with a member while you remain part of the LLC. In these cases, you can sell your stake in the LLC, or buy out a member you no longer wish to work with. Hoge Law Firm in San Diego can place you in touch with a lawyer who frequently handles matters of LLC dissolution and can minimize your risk of legal repercussions.

Whether you want to file suit, or expect a suit will be filed against you, Mr. Hoge can connect you with a lawyer capable of protecting your best interests.

Three Avenues of Dispute Resolution

When it comes to resolving LLC and partnership disputes, there are typically three options:


  • Because traditional litigation is typically the most costly and time-intensive option, it's usually a last resort. A court will come to a binding decision about your case, which can be subsequently appealed.


  • This procedure takes place in private, and can be faster and more affordable than a trial. Instead of a judge, the case is heard by an arbitrator (often a retired judge) who acts as a neutral third party. Both parties have input regarding their choice of arbitrator, and the parties can agree to pursue either a binding or non-binding decision. Arbitration offers far fewer opportunities for appeal than trial.


  • If both parties believe they can reach an agreement, a neutral third party (a mediator) will facilitate negotiations between the plaintiff and defendant to resolve their LLC or partnership dispute. Once an agreement is reached, it is submitted to the courts for approval. Like arbitration, meditation is a method of dispute resolution that is often faster and more cost-effective than going to trial, and parties can choose their mediator.

While many partnership dispute lawyers are adept when it comes to solving disputes through traditional litigation, it’s important to understand that mediation—and especially arbitration—are best navigated by attorneys who have experience in these processes. For example, a lawyer versed in arbitration will likely have invaluable input when it comes to selecting an arbitrator who is experienced in cases like yours and will understand your position.

For more than three decades, Hoge Law Firm has made it possible for clients to resolve LLC and partnership disputes in a way that protects what matters most to them. 
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If You Want to Leave and Compete

Hoge Law Firm Can Help You Can Do It Right

For many business partners leaving partnerships and LLCs, they want to start a competing business, but non-competition clauses in partnership agreements and other contracts can preclude this. Even if a party is lawfully able to become a competitor of their former partnership or LLC, they must be careful not to unlawfully use trade secrets in their new venture. Trade secrets could include information such as formulas, recipes, or lists of customers. 

If you're asking yourself whether you can lawfully compete with your former partnership or LLC, what information is safe to use in your next venture, and whether you will be able to continue using trade secrets you personally developed, Hoge Law Firm in San Diego has the answers you need. Charlie Hoge will place you in touch with an attorney who will analyze all partnership agreements, contracts, and other documents to help you avoid any legal issues that could affect your next venture.

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