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Real estate disputes can be complicated whether you're dealing with residential, commercial, or mixed-use property.

A skilled attorney can help you navigate real estate law, avoiding costly mistakes that could put your investment in danger.

A free consultation at Hoge Law Firm can connect you with a knowledgeable San Diego, CA, real estate lawyer.

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Protect Your Property and Safeguard Your Investment

Connect With a Real Estate Attorney for Legal Advice

Whether you're the target of property litigation or want to initiate a legal claim yourself, you need a skilled real estate lawyer on your side. Without a real estate attorney, you're putting your investment and financial future at risk.

Hoge Law Firm can help you find a real estate attorney who understands various legal issues affecting home purchases, commercial leasing, and rental agreements. An attorney can be an excellent resource for both buyers and sellers, and can help facilitate interactions with real estate agents, lenders, and other representatives or interested parties.

Connect with an attorney who can guide you through the nuances of California real estate law and San Diego zoning ordinances. To get the process started, contact our law office today.

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Real estate transactions involve many different parties and investments. Hoge Law Firm can ensure you work with a skilled lawyer who can deal with banks, title companies, real estate agents, representatives from your homeowner community, and other interests.

How an Attorney Can Help With Your Needs Real Estate Transactions, Disputes, and Litigation

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Boundary and Property Line Disputes

Legal real estate issues such as boundary disputes can arise when there are disagreements regarding the placement of a fence, wall, driveway, or landscaping and other issues. The definition of boundary lines can become complicated in both suburban and rural settings since features in the natural landscape that once acted as demarcations may have changed or disappeared. In addition, property or real estate deeds can often be incomplete or unclear, which can create fertile grounds for legal contention in the future. This is why a lawyer is crucial in helping examine and resolve these disputes.

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Property Ownership Disputes

Ownership disputes arise in many circumstances among tenants in common, joint tenants, partners, and limited liability company (LLC) members. These contentious types of disputes may arise from disagreements over real estate maintenance or a disagreement regarding the decision to rent or sell the real estate in question. A San Diego real estate attorney can go over any contracts between the parties in dispute as well as any promises related to the initial agreement between these parties. If these issues cannot be resolved outside of court, an attorney can assist with litigation.

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Sale and Specific Performance Disputes

Sale disputes can occur at any point during or following the real estate purchase process. A breach of a sale agreement by either the buyer or seller may end up in court or arbitration. Sellers of residential and commercial property may be liable for misrepresentation or concealment of conditions of the property. Some property agreements can be enforced in court by a process called specific performance. Specific performance essentially means a court can order a party to carry out their duty outlined in the initial purchase contract.

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Homeowner's Association (HOA) Disputes

Homeowners’ association disputes are not uncommon. Disputes may arise over property maintenance, external decor, noise complaints, landscaping, renovations, occupancy, and other issues. Many HOAs have established processes to handle such disagreements without the need for legal action. Yet even with established HOA bylaws, a real estate lawyer may be necessary. Your attorney can be a strong advocate for you as a homeowner, and can even parse the language in any HOA governing documents if necessary.

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Tenant and Landlord Disputes

Tenants and landlords can get into major disputes over past due rent, negligent maintenance or upkeep of a property, modifications to a dwelling, remodeling business property, pest control issues, and evictions. No matter which side of a dispute you're on, a lawyer can be extremely helpful in reviewing a lease or rental agreement, determining your best options, and advocating for your side. Your attorney can focus on the paperwork and ensure your claim moves toward a resolution.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or investing in commercial real estate, it's important to have a skilled lawyer assist you with the transaction. Your real estate attorney can review deeds and easements and also help fight against foreclosure.
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Legal Assistance During Foreclosures

If you're at risk of foreclosure or currently in foreclosure, do not delay. Speaking with a real estate lawyer is the best thing you can do to avoid losing your residential or commercial property. A real estate attorney can review your legal options based on your current financial situation and other circumstances.

Act Now: Stop Foreclosure Before It's Too Late

Once you default on a payment, the clock begins ticking on the non-judicial foreclosure process. If the default payment has not been cleared within 90 days, the lender can record a Notice of Default with San Diego County. If the past due balance isn't cleared after 180 days, the lender can record a Notice of Trustee Sale against your property.

While non-judicial foreclosure proceeds quickly, an attorney can assess your situation and help identify ways to avoid the sale of your property.

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