Filing a lawsuit and going to court is typically the last resort for those involved in employment, business, or real estate disputes.

If both parties agree to it, arbitration can be used to resolve the issue with the help of a neutral arbitrator who decides the case.

Find out how an attorney at Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, CA, can provide guidance as you go through the arbitration process...

“If you sign any type of contract, there may be a clause that states, should a dispute arise, it will be resolved through arbitration.”

What Is Arbitration?

Many legal disputes proceed to private binding arbitration instead of proceeding to conclusion through the court system. Arbitration is similar to trial, but it is not public and arbitration rulings usually cannot be appealed. Arbitrations usually have streamlines procedures intended to reduce the time and cost of the legal dispute compared to a civil suit in the court system (although arbitration is not necessarily faster or less expensive in the long run). There are many forms of arbitration, arbitration providers and rules applicable to those arbitrations.

There are many strategic considerations on how to approach arbitration and to present a case to an arbitrator which may be very different than presenting a case in a civil trial. Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, California, who has been arbitrating cases for over 30 years, understands those strategic considerations and has extensive experience presenting its clients’ cases to arbitrators. Charlie Hoge handles employment law, business litigation, and real estate cases that go this route; he can help you every step of the way through this process.

What Are the Benefits?

More Flexible Scheduling

This option offers more flexible hours than litigation that moves through the court system. Hearings can be scheduled on evenings and weekends, at a time that meets the availability of all parties involved, and in a convenient location in San Diego.

Input When Choosing an Arbitrator

When a lawsuit goes to court, a judge is randomly assigned to the case. Conversely, with arbitration, both parties play a role in selecting the arbitrator. The selection process should be outlined in the contract, and a lawyer can help you choose a good arbitrator.

Confidential and Private

These hearings are held privately, unlike court sessions, which are open to the public. It is also possible to come to a confidential agreement through this process. At Hoge Law Firm in San Diego, California, we find that this option is an appealing choice when clients want to keep disputes private.

Efficient Processes

This option has more streamlined processes than litigation. Because state and federal rules of evidence and procedure don't apply, we have more flexibility when presenting your argument. Further, this option doesn't involve a discovery phase, enabling us to avoid depositions and document requests.

Maintain Business Relationships

Keeping the legal dispute out of court and the public eye allows both parties to resolve the matter amicably. This is often ideal, particularly when the disputing parties will work together again in the future. For our San Diego clients seeking to preserve business relationships, this can be a good option.

How an Attorney Can Help with the Resolution Process

Charlie Hoge is a San Diego lawyer who has been practicing for more than 35 years. He earned his BA from the University of California, Los Angeles, and went on to earn his JD from the University of California, Hastings. San Diego Magazine included him on their list of Top Lawyers 2019, and Los Angeles Magazine included him on their list of Top Lawyers 2019. These are just some of the awards and recognitions he has received in the last 10 years.

If you are involved in a legal dispute, an attorney such as Charlie Hoge can help you obtain a more favorable outcome.

We invite prospective clients to contact our practice online or call us in San Diego, California, at (619) 823-2600 to discuss your case with an attorney.


Arbitration vs. Mediation

Mediation and arbitration are similar in that they allow disputing parties to resolve their case without going to court. However, there are several differences between mediation and arbitration.

For example, mediation may or may not lead to a resolution of the case. In mediation sessions, a neutral mediator attempts to have the two sides come together and reach a settlement. If the parties are unable to come to a resolution through mediation, the case will go to court.

In arbitration, a neutral arbitrator makes the decision in the case. In addition, once a contract has been signed, one party can't withdraw from the arbitration process. If you have signed a contract requiring that your legal problem be solved in arbitration, contact our San Diego practice to discuss the matter with an attorney.

“Charlie Hoge will analyze your case to determine which key points and facts best demonstrate your argument.”

What Sets  Attorney Charlie Hoge Apart?

He Knows How to Present to Arbitrators

Any attorney may have experience handling court cases and presenting to juries. But this route requires a different style because a prominent (and often retired) attorney or judge is deciding the case. Strategies that are effective for juries may not work as well with arbitrators. Charlie Hoge of Hoge Law Firm in San Diego presents the most important evidence in the unique manner that is best suited to the person that is hearing your case.

Commitment to Your Case

San Diego attorney Charlie Hoge handles every aspect of your case from top to bottom. He will manage and review all of the data in your case to determine which key points and facts best demonstrate your argument. This gives him a more intimate and comprehensive knowledge of all components of your case. In addition, he understands the workload that is required to present a strong and compelling argument at the hearings.

Present the Key Facts

Believe it or not, the digital world can actually make it more difficult to manage evidence simply due to the amount of data that is available. San Diego attorney Charlie Hoge knows how to compile and analyze these large amounts of information to identify the key points and evidence that best support the argument. He can then put this into a digestible format, both oral and written, so the arbitrator can hone in on the most important facts and evidence.

Hoge Law Firm

Attorney Charlie Hoge is active and has been associated with a number of professional legal organizations, including:

  • Member, San Diego County Bar Association
  • Member, American Bar Association
  • Member, Association of Business Trial Lawyers of San Diego
  • Member, San Diego Chapter of the International Network of Boutique Law Firms 
  • Fellow, Litigation Counsel of America, Trial Lawyer Honorary Society

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